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Photography Reflectors—Recreating North Light

Posted by in Photo Diaries, Photo Tips, Photo Tutorials | 0 comments

As Early As The Renaissance Era In the previous six articles about photography reflectors we’ve covered many topics, but now we’ll focus on using a reflector to create “north light.” No, you don’t have to point your reflector from a northern angle to your subject to gain this effect, but it helps to know the mechanics behind north light. North light benefits were first recognized centuries back by...

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Lighting & Cameras, Paradigm Shifts In Photography

Posted by in Photo Diaries, Photo Tips | 0 comments

It’s Happening Now, Don’t Get Left Behind In my last article, Mirrorless Madness Professional Cameras, you became aware of how the Pacific Ocean drowned my Canon DSLR camera during one of my recent Maui photography workshops. If you read the entire article, thank you, and that means you found out that in my search for a replacement digital camera system, I noticed a paradigm shift to mirrorless cameras...

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Mirrorless Madness Professional Cameras

Posted by in Photo Diaries, Photo Tips | 12 comments

A New Paradigm Shift In Photography Back in April during our Maui photography workshop I did something a photographer should never do, I turned my back to the ocean while I adjusted my portable Hensel flash system for one of our photographers. Within seconds, the Pacific...

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Photography Reflectors—Kicker Lighting

Posted by in Photo Tips, Photo Tutorials | 0 comments

An Extra Punch of Light, Without The Harshness In the first five articles of photography reflectors we discussed size and shape, flash vs. reflectors, keeping it simple, use with LED lighting, plus their basics, fundamentals and myths. Now let’s look at another use of the...

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Typical Photography Questions

Posted by in Photo Diaries, Photo Tips, Photo Tutorials, Unfiltered | 0 comments

It’s About The End Result, But Do Your Research First My last five articles on reflectors are based on questions I’m often asked, so even though those photography articles on reflectors will continue, today I decided to write about the big picture questions. Like most...

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Photography Reflectors—LED Lighting For Black And White

Posted by in Photo Diaries, Photo Tips, Photo Tutorials | 4 comments

The Magic of LED Lighting There are many methods to illuminate a model or a subject in photography and in my recent reflector series articles, the common question is, “What is the best method of lighting my subject?” My response usually starts the same, “What is the...

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Photography Reflectors—Keeping It Simple

Posted by in Photo Diaries, Photo Tips, Photo Tutorials | 0 comments

Keeping It Simple As photographers there are times were we want to check out a new location, but still want to grab some shots, so we travel light, another benefit of the California Sunbounce reflectors. They are lightweight, durable, and pack small when not in use and also...

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Photography Reflectors—Flash or Reflector

Posted by in Photo Tips, Photo Tutorials | 0 comments

Flash or Reflector In part two of “Photography Reflectors And Reality,” we covered the differences in reflector shapes, specifically round vs. rectangle and in part one we covered the different reflector fabrics, a few fundamentals, plus a reflector as a light modifier....

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Photography Reflectors—Size And Shape Does Matter

Posted by in Photo Tips, Photo Tutorials | 0 comments

Size And Shape Does Matter In part one of “Photography Reflectors And Reality,” we covered the differences between silver, gold, zebra and white reflector fabrics, a few fundamentals, plus the reality that reflectors are light modifiers like soft boxes, beauty dishes,...

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Photography Reflectors—Basics, Fundamentals, And Myths

Posted by in Photo Tips, Photo Tutorials | 0 comments

Basics, Fundamentals, And Myths I’m constantly bombarded with questions like, “What type of lights, cameras, lenses, etc., do you recommend? It’s difficult for me to recommend specific equipment unless I’m there with you to see the scene, subject, and lighting...

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Models Selling Themselves For Nothing

Posted by in Photo Diaries, Photo Tips | 8 comments

You’re Worth More Than That It’s a tough world today, between the poor economy, job losses, and social media acceptance. Now you’re probably scratching your head and saying, “That’s a weird combination, where is he going with this?” Simple, models quit selling...

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Capture Your Subject’s Style

Posted by in Photo Tips, Photo Tutorials | 0 comments

Your Camera Adapts to Your Subject, Your Subject Doesn’t Adapt to Your Camera Great photographers are easily recognized by their photographic style, some are even hired based on that style. In my world of photographing women, I’ve been told my style comes from my...

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Creating A Photograph From Scratch

Posted by in Photo Tips, Photo Tutorials | 0 comments

Tips To Get Your Photo Shoot Going One of the biggest challenges for a photographer is creating a photograph from scratch, especially when you have a passionate craving to capture something with your camera. When the urge hits, you start thinking, what can I create? So let...

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Photography Is The New Sexuality

Posted by in Photo Diaries, Unfiltered | 3 comments

Virtual Bars Are In Note: This is not meant for every Instagram or Facebook account holder, though it applies to most—if the shoe fits, it’s meant for you! Take a world filled with passionate people who want to aspire in life, combine it with technology plus societal...

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Build Your Photography Brand Identity And Gain Recognition

Posted by in Photo Tips | 2 comments

Impression, Repetition, and Association Are The Keys If there is one great thing about social networking, is the ability to build your brand through social marketing, directly and indirectly, which increases your name and talent recognition. In the case of photography, name...

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Marketing vs. Branding

Posted by in Photo Tips, Photo Tutorials | 2 comments

Note: This is a chapter from my latest book, “Socially Smart: Twitter Plus Facebook, Marketing Multipliers And Brand Boosters,” a book that provides tips, techniques and what some even call my “secrets” that helped me gain over 119,000 followers on...

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Rolando Gomez Publishes “Socially Smart”

Posted by in News, Photo Tips | 0 comments

Twitter Plus Facebook, Marketing Multipliers and Brand Boosters SAN ANTONIO, June 18, 2013 — Rolando Gomez, world famous photographer, author and lecturer, has released “Socially Smart: Twitter Plus Facebook, Marketing Multipliers and Brand Boosters.” This...

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Photographers Strengths And Weaknesses

Posted by in Photo Tips | 1 comment

It’s About Ability, Not Inability I just returned from another successful photography workshop in the Virgin Islands, and like all previous 600-plus photo workshops I’ve conducted in the past 14 years, I see many photographers getting caught up in their gear. Contrary to...

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Photography and Modeling, It’s More Than What You Think

Posted by in Unfiltered | 1 comment

We Do More Before Nine Than Most People Do In A Day Recently while doing my daily social networking, a comment was left on a photo I posted on my private Facebook profile about how modeling and photography is often misunderstood as easy professions. While I’m no model,...

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A Perfect Lighting Solution For Shooting Beauty

Posted by in Photo Diaries, Photo Tips | 1 comment

Don’t Be Stagnate, See The Light, The Rosco LitePad Loop Ring Light This past weekend I was photographing a model I hadn’t worked with in seven years. I did my normal glamour style  photography of her, using both ambient light and my Hensel studio strobes fitted with...

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